Change in dominant worldviews: Who’s getting it?

At a basic level, true commitment to sustainability is the product not of cumulative
practices and regulations, but rather of a fundamental change in perception. This
section examines the change in dominant worldviews which guide and influence our
attitudes, thinking, values and behaviour. It focuses specifically on perceptions around the role of business and the economy, and how this has evolved over the past 15 years.

In the following section, we present our four key findings related to how worldviews
and mindsets have changed since 2000. As you can see from the following pages,
promising change has occurred in many areas. Here are the findings we present:

  1. Wrong direction: A deep sense of urgency is emerging
  2. More than just buzz: Mainstreaming sustainability in the business sphere
  3. A balancing act: Redefining the fundamental purpose of business
  4. Key to the future: Sustainability is critical to business success