Change in corporate practices: Is business becoming more sustainable?

Is business becoming more sustainable?

In the past 15 years, to what extent have global business strategies, models and systems changed towards becoming more sustainable? Are Boards of Directors and top executives more involved than before? How has management of sustainability changed? Have companies’ footprints on key issues like water improved? And are companies reporting and collaborating more than they used to?

In what follows, we present our seven key findings with regard to how business has
changed since 2000. Our conclusion is that we are not yet there – there is a long way
to go before the global business community has adopted a principled, sustainable
approach. But promising progress has been made. See the next pages for a summary
of what we have found:

1. Taking root: The global spread of sustainability
2. Into the fold: Expanding the scope of corporate sustainability
3. Moving up: Sustainability gaining strategic ground
4. Mind the gap: Actions and intentions are still not aligned
5. Chain reaction: Sustainability cascading through the value chain
6. Nowhere to hide: Transparency is becoming the new norm
7. Smarter together: New forms of collaboration between business and society