H. E. Ban Ki-moon,
United Nations Secretary General

“We must lead our world to a more sustainable future. Ending poverty, transforming lives, protecting the planet: we all have a stake in achieving these urgent and universal goals. Prosperous, stable societies and a healthy planet are the bedrock of political stability, economic growth and flourishing new markets.

Business has a critical role to play. It was 15 years ago that the United Nations introduced the notion of a global compact between business and society. In that time, we have witnessed a major shift in corporate mindset. Markets are beginning to transform from within, based on actions taken by business to respect and support human rights, provide decent work, account for  environmental impacts and end bribery and corruption. The Global Compact’s blueprint for change has been tested, and it works.

Enlightened leaders are making sustainability a core part of business strategy. Now we need business leaders everywhere to make business a force for good. Together, we can respond to the urgency of our global challenges and build a better tomorrow.”

H. E. Ban Ki-moon